Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Busy Long Weekend

The last week has been a bit of a whirl wind but also lots of fun. Thursday I went to London to have an afternoon with the lovely Kat from Tales Of A Pale Face who is one of my good friends that I have made through blogging.
We had some lunch and did it a bit of shopping in Selfridges and forever 21, we also had a cheeky slice of cake too.
We finished our day off at Wholefoods where I thought I was in food heaven. I would move into that place if I could. Have you seen the peanut butter machines, you could have hours of fun.

On Friday my friend Samii and I loaded up her car and took the 5 hour journey to Exeter to visit her brother who is training to be in the marines down there. We had an action packed weekend of eating, shopping and drinking too many cocktails. I had the weekend off my healthy eating, just let me hair down and really enjoyed myself.

There was an all day breakfast place round the corner from our hotel which we raided both mornings, its all you can eat and we didn't hold back. They even had cute little toasters on the table.

Another great place to eat which again was just right round the corner from our hotel was called Urban Burger which had every type of burger you could imagine. It was amazing and I truly over indulged.

It was one of the best weekend I have ever had and we met some great people down there. I am currently having the post 'holiday' blues as it was such a good weekend and I never wanted it to end. We for sure will be going back for a visit again at some point.

Some great memories were made over the last week.

Have you been away recently or did you get up to much at the weekend?


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  2. It's always good to go off plan and let your hair down - sounds like it was much needed as well; glad you had fun!

    Btw, your My Little Pony tee is SO cute - where's it from?


    1. It definitely is. It is from Primark, I love it. xx

  3. It looks and sounds like you had a fab time and those peanut butter machines are amazing x

    1. It was great thank you. They really are. x

  4. That cake looked fabulous!!!

    Emily xx

  5. That cake, peanut butter machines and toasters on the table! Looks like a fab weekend and its good to see that even with all the hard work and healthy eating that its good to have a weekend off now and again :)

    Gem ButtonsBlog

  6. I need a trip to Wholefoods, I usually drop in when I'm up in London, as you say food heaven & I'd live there with you :-)

  7. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend! Love a good weekend away :)

    Sophie x

  8. I'm glad you had a great time, it looked like so much fun! I want to go away somewhere! :) xx


Thanks for reading and commenting :) x

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