Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bravissimo Pyjama Top

I had a rather large bravissimo order arrive this morning and I wanted to share with you one of the items that was in it. (Don't worry there isn't going to be a picture of me in my undies, I haven't become that body confident) 

It's a razor back pyjama top that has hidden support for us larger breasted ladies. (I never thought I would be talking about this on my blog) 

Personally I like some sort of support at all times, just makes me feel a bit more safer if that makes any sense. I'm hoping some you larger boobed (is that a word?) ladies will relate. Well this top has a non wired bra sewn into the top with a hidden fastening to get the perfect support. 

I wasn't sure whether I would get on with it but I absolutely love it, I feel really supported whilst being comfortable. I haven't slept in it yet but wore it round the house this morning for a couple of hours and felt secure and comfortable. I think I would even wear this out as a vest top. 

Those of you who are looking for pj tops with a little bit more support or just general tops bravissimo do a great range. 
I do find it is on the slightly expensive side but personally I think it's worth it, the top is great quality and I think will last a really long time. 

I picked this top up for £20.50 in the sale reduced from £28 and I'm considering to buy a couple more. They come in a 30-38 d to j cup so a large size range. I really recommend you checking them out. 


  1. You have just reminded me I need to go buy some new bras lol x

  2. As a larger boobed lady, I'm making a note of this!!

  3. These look great, I've always been curious about them so it's great to see a mention on your blog. I normally buy the cheap pyjama vest tops with support from Primark as I prefer a bit more support too but I think I may have to invest in one of these some time :) xx

    1. These are definitely worth the investment. x


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